Early House of Argos

  House of Inachus
  Early House of Argos

House of Inachus

The genealogy displayed above, show the common ancestery of the Houses of Argos, Thebes and Crete, as it can be seen by the three different colours (eg. Argos is cyan and green, Thebes/Crete in yellow). The cyan colour indicated the line of Phoroneus and Argus, whereas the green indicated the Io descendants, through the Belid line (descendants of Belus, king of Egypt).

Inachus, the river god of Argolis, was the root of the family tree. He was said to be the first inhabitant of the region. His descendants in Argos, Crete and Thebes were all known as the Inachids.

Most writers say that Io was the daughter of Inachus, which is what I have show here. But some sources indicated that she was daughter of either Iasus (like Apollodorus and Pausanias) or Perias (like Hesiod).

Early House of Argos:

Below, is two possible family trees of Argus' descendants.

Both trees found here, is different from the previous one. Where Io was the daughter of the river god Inachus in the previous family tree, these two below showed that Io was the daughter of Iasus. Iasus was either the son of Argus or of Triopas, depending on which sources you are reading.

I had relied on two different sources to construct the family trees below: Apollodorus and Pausanias. One of them, is a mythographer, the other is a geographer.

Apollodorus' Text:

Pausanias' Text:

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